Our Story

Our worldwide organization works with young victims and their families by offering support. Whether we are attending court or providing a connection to the many organizations with resources to assist, U.B.A.K.A. is there to let the kids and their families know they are not alone.


Take a look through some of our memories, and if you have any to share, send them to us by email webmaster@ubaka.ca


What we Believe

The Urban Bulldogs Against Kids Abuse exists to provide help, comfort, safety, and support to children who have been sexually, physically, and psychologically abused as well as to sick children and their families.


The support needed by a victim of child abuse and their family is multifaceted. UBAKA is just one layer that can aid in the healing process. We are not a substitute for professional advice and counselling but rather an addition.  


We provide a sense of security and will connect the child and their family to professional support services they will need at this sensitive time. No child and their family should have to travel this road alone. U.B.A.K.A. is here to help families in any way we can.


Every child deserves to smile.

Every child deserves to be happy. 

Every child deserves to be safe.

Every child has the right to be a child.