NovaNational Treasurer

DutchessNational Secretary Red Deer Secretary

GuidoNational Security Officer Edmonton Vice President A LITTLE MORE ABOUT Guido:Guido has been a member of the Edmonton chapter of U.B.A.K.A. since 2017. He is the former Road Captain of that chapter and the current Vice President. He is also the current National Security Officer Of Canada.

FijiNational Vice President Red Deer Chapter President Original Member A LITTLE MORE ABOUT Fiji:I joined U.B.A.K.A. Red Deer chapter Thanksgiving weekend 2014 as the security officer. Promoted to Red Deer Chapter Vice President summer 2017 Promoted to Red Deer Chapter President fall 2017 Selected to join National as Vice President fall 2018

HairbagNational President/CEO Edmonton Chapter President Canada Original Member World member A LITTLE MORE ABOUT Hairbag:I live in Devon with my beautiful fiancée. I work as a CNC plasma table programmer/operator. I am a retired volunteer firefighter with 15 years’ experience in Ontario and Alberta.